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The HappiMinds Foundation (HMF) was created with the goal of improving participants’ mind, body and spirit through researched-based health, wellness and enrichment programs. America is the richest and mightiest country on earth, but the level of unhappiness in this country is greater than it was before the Great Recession.

Although American income has tripled over the past 50 years, our level of happiness has not increased overall, which reveals the ranking of unhappiness is not primarily financial based.

To address the levels of unhappiness among Americans, HMF helps participants form a more positive outlook on life. Positive thinking is an outgrowth of the cognitive therapy movement, which holds that people can change how they experience the world by changing their mindset. But they need to exercise this new thinking and incorporate it into their very being. The objective is for individuals to break the patterns of deep resistance in order to achieve personal joy. Most people don’t realize that they have resistance; we know what we resist really does persist.
Our activities designed to promote a happier outlook on life include:

Health and Wellness – Initiatives to promote physical, mental, emotional, psychological, and mindfulness practices will assist participants in overcoming resistance. Activities are fun, expressive, and motivational as a means for participants to take personal responsibility. YogaBoxing is one of the central programs utilized in overcoming resistance. It is a fusion program of yoga, boxing, African dance, aerobics, and tai chi designed to improve the confidence, resilience, mental and physical being, mindfulness, and stress reduction levels.

Empowerment and Enrichment – Many individuals are disconnected from the people, institutions, and experiences that help them develop the skills, credentials, and sense of purpose required to live rewarding lives. Empowerment and enrichment components will consist of customized platforms designed for participants to discover awareness to move their lives forward, to personally expand their consciousness and horizons, as well as explore their financial status and goals. Activities will include, but not be limited to small group leadership courses, networking events, motivational community participation with young people, and personal coaching to assist in turning dreams into reality through “straight talk” self-empowerment/discovery events. HMF realizes that mindfulness, positive psychology, and happiness are best supported through personal effectiveness training. Personal effectiveness encompasses mindfulness and meditation techniques, financial well-being, resilience skills, and other techniques to build grit, determination, and confidence.

Financial Literacy – The newest program area in HMFs efforts to reduce unhappiness revolves around increasing the economic knowledge of adults and students. Studies reveal that 9 out of 10 people believe it is important to have a good understanding of economics, but the action taken to become financially literate is abysmal. This figure then helps to explain why consumer debt is so high among students and adults and results in more than a third of American households filing bankruptcy. To address this shocking disconnection between people and money, HMF will conduct financial literacy workshops for youth, teens, and adults that will improve literacy as well as change their financial behavior for the better. For individuals who are unemployed or underemployed, financial literacy workshops are critically important because regardless of income level, you are responsible for your own financial well-being and staying out of debt. The goal for people who participate in our workshops is to utilize this knowledge in order to change financial behaviors and create a future of money management freedom, which leaves them debt free.

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