Meet the Principals

Diane F. Smith | HappiMinds Foundation
Diane F. Smith, CEO

As a Professional Manager, Diane Smith managed field activity for over 1,200 personnel in 125 offices for a major government agency. She traveled extensively to assess field performance and deliver speeches for which she received numerous awards in recognition of her exemplary performance.

After leaving government, Diane was asked by many peers to help them set up businesses, thus her business consultancy was born. She guided clients in areas of business organization, marketing, product development, and strategic planning.

Diane was invited by Les Brown, world renown public speaker, and George Fraser, Chairman and CEO of FraserNet and founder of the Power Networking Conference, to be a co-author of their book. The book, Mission Unstoppable, was a best-seller and is an extraordinary telling of inspirational stories of triumph over obstacles.

As an award-winning financial coach, Diane helped many people get out of major debt and live within their means. Many of those she coached became passionate about people and money and went on to coach others successfully.

Joshua Isaac Smith
Joshua Smith, Senior Officer

Joshua Smith is Managing Director and co-founder of He is a behavioral specialist, trainer, and coach specializing in neuroscience-informed approaches to mindfulness and resilience. He currently coaches executives and teams globally, and leads courses in emotional resilience, social intelligence, and authentic leadership and is Assistant Director of the EMDR Centre London.

As a former executive and technology entrepreneur Joshua was once CEO of a telecommunications company based in southern California before selling and retiring at 32. He has been seen by an estimated 10 million people on CBS News, ITV, Living TV, and has appeared on radio on numerous occasions including BBC and LBC. His work has been featured or mentioned in top print media including the Sunday Times, South China Post, Health & Fitness, Shape, Marie Claire, Evening Standard, Daily Mail, and Metro.

Joshua is best known for his creation of a bestselling DVD “Yogaboxing,” which combined his many techniques into a fitness workout. Joshua also helped launch MBT footwear into a global brand as a toning/weight-loss product, as a Director of Academic Programmers. Joshua has a BA in economics, and has completed studies in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, EMDR, life coaching, healing, biomechanics, yoga, chi gong, and African dance.

Joshua is co-author of The Happy Teacher: 11 Rs Every Teacher Should Know. As a result of his work, he was invited to a White House reception to greet Queen Elizabeth II. Joshua has presented leadership, resilience and team-building seminars around the world.